Beeolabeauty x TheeSkinFriend Dry Skin Set


TheeSkinFriend Dry Skin Set

Hi! I’m Peju @theeskinfriend everywhere

I thought it’d be a great idea to show you an example of a set that I’d recommend to someone whose primary skin concern is dryness, among other things.

I think this is perfect because it lets you purchase an entire routine without the stress of wondering what to put together PLUS you get a great deal out of it since it’s so discounted!

There’s a gentle cleanser that leaves skin clean without being stripped, a nice hydrating toner, a serum to fortify your skin barrier and keep skin supple, a moisturizer to nourish and heal skin plus a sunscreen that both protects and moisturizes!

I really hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
All my love!

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