Healthfare Feminiva Boric Acid Suppositories 600mg – 30 Count


  • PROMOTES HEALTHY PH BALANCE: The vagina requires a balanced environment to remain healthy. Our Feminiva Boric Acid Suppository promotes the normal vaginal pH level which is between 3.8 and 4.5. Healthy pH level keeps BV, yeast infections and other vaginal discomforts at bay. Simply insert 1 Feminiva Boric acid suppository capsule per day into the vagina using an applicator or your finger before bedtime for 7 consecutive days. If the symptoms persist, repeat for another week.


  • SUPPORTS VAGINAL CONDITIONS: Are you feeling Odors, burning, itchy, unbalanced discharge, chronic recurring vaginal conditions,bacterial vaginosis, bv, Gardnerella vaginalis, acidic vaginal fluid, dryness, or any other vaginal health condition? Those are common issues for young women who have reached puberty all the way to grandmas who are dealing with menopause. Feminiva is here for your wellbeing, once for all!

Applicator not included.

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