Ample:N Ceramide Shot Cream 50ml


Moisturizing cream containing Ceramide Complex to hydrate and help strengthen skin barrier. Also contains ingredients with anti-aging and skin brightening properties.

Derma intense-moisturizing cream is scientifically prescribed with Ceramide, which strengthens skin barrier and makes your skin moist and healthy.
Strengthen the barrier with second skin : The ‘lamella structure’ is applied in healthy skin lipids forming the second skin layer that replaces weak skin barrier.
Patented recipe, Barrier : Arctigenin enhances the skin barrier by promoting the biosynthesis of the intercellular vesicles of the skin cells to protect and soften the skin from the external environment.
It has completed low stimuli test and contained Allantoin to make the skin calm and smooth.
Melting cream cheese texture : The texture is the same as the softness of the cream cheese and it forms a solid real moisturizing barrier.
Suitable for dry skin.

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